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Why KeepOnBudget?

What makes us better than others?


It`s free for personal using and we keep the promise to be free forever. So what are you waiting for? Register Today!

Simple and Responsive

A simple and modern Layout, that leads to a better user experience. Responsive to any kind of platform. This means that, whatever browser you choose, computer or mobile device, your experience will always be the best

Better every day

We`d love to learn with you. Therefore, we created a section so you can give us your feedback, suggestions, report a weird bug, etc. We also have an extensive roadmap with ideas from our creative department, and improvements are comming

2021 😉

2020 was, with no doubts, a crazy year for everyone. In Keeponbudget, we worked hard to ensure all main features are now ready and not in BETA version anymore. This means that we are confident all can enjoy the best. Nevertheless there is still lots to do. Our Mobile platform and other features are schedule to be released soon. But here is our first release in 2021 and please be sure it will be free forever for the main features that you are already used to. Thanks to everyone that supported us, using and testing the platform.

Create your budget

KeepOnBudget is a platform where you can create and manage Budgets and keep on track of your expenses
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Reporting tool

We offer auto-generated reports, so you can check the results easily and predict the next budget window
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